BIMS provides the tools necessary for independent financial service professionals to experience consistent and sustained success in their practice’s.


“What makes BIMS different? It’s the delivery, the follow up, and just the pure caring for their people. John Davis will take care of you; Brokers International is a great company.”
- Marty, Illinois

John Davis

President and CEO


Monique Horner

Senior Vice President


Kim Clarke

Operations Manager


Jill Gable

Administrative Professional


Cristi Bolin

Financial Administrator


Charlene Roberts

General Manager


Tracy Gregory

Workshop Coordinator


Sylvia Roberts

Administrative Assistant


Cheryl Axon

Field Trainer


Chris Brown

Field Trainer


John Durham

Field Trainer


Sue Warner

Support Services Director



    “For the last 8 years BIMS has constantly brought me programs that have made me money.”
    - Bill
    What makes BIMS different? It’s the delivery, the follow up, and just the pure caring for their people. John Davis will take care of you; Brokers International is a great company.
    - Bill
    There is no better feeling than knowing when you meet with a client and have put them in the best position possible to enjoy their retirement at their capacity...I thank John and the Social Security plan that he has put together for giving me the tools to help me, help my clients.
    - Fred Creutzer IV, Creutzer Financial Services
    The reason why I joined BIMS was unlike a lot of the bigger organizations, they made me feel more comfortable being at home; A home family feeling with a nice group of people.
    - Fred Creutzer IV, Creutzer Financial Services
    I no longer have to worry about prospecting…It's enabled me to focus on other parts of my practice.
    - Dan
    With BIMS it’s like you are a member of the family. You get that one on one relationship going, it’s extremely helpful.
    - Dan
    I used to have a hit or miss marketing type approach and now I have a strong niche approach that has allowed me to go deep into one market, thoroughly enjoy it, and build a practice and build expertise.
    - Kelly
    What attracted me to John Davis and BIMS was, mainly the integrity that I knew John Davis has. People in our industry know that he is a man of high integrity and that he runs a company that is second to none.
    - Jerry

Brand Development

Your brand is one of the most important fixed assets in your practice and is a critical component to differentiating you from your competitor. Partner with and allow us to help you with developing your brand identity and business imagery. Our graphic designers can help with logos, bios, business cards and letterhead while our service team helps you get your word out.

Federal Benefits Educators

Federal Benefits Educators and Brokers International Mountain States provide independent financial advisors with training, support, and access enabling success in the federal employee marketplace. FBE Advisor Network members typically conduct 4 – 6 benefit workshops in an exclusive market area annually to provide essential retirement preparedness and training to federal employees. FBE provides resources to conduct these events easily, cost effectively, and in a manner compliant with regulatory requirements.

Social Security Blue Print

In the United States nearly 10,000 individuals will turn 65 each day for the next 20 years. Social Security income options are one of the “core” financial decisions baby boomers need to make along with Medicare Supplemental choices, retirement income spending levels, etc…The proper timing and method in which to begin payments from the Social Security System, is one that must be considered and implemented. We have a “turnkey” program designed to provide our advisors with training, education, and support to help their clients get the most out of their Social Security Benefits.

Advisor Link for CPA’s

Through our Advisor Link for CPA program, we offer the opportunity to educate and work with CPA’s to enhance their practice and your business. An increasing number of CPA’s are incorporating insurance and financial services into their practices and many are choosing to collaborate with local insurance and financial services professionals to increase the level of information and services they provide to their clients. In order to make this transition, many CPA’s need to know how to get started or where to turn. Our program will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to CPA’s and explain how they can expand their practices to include financial services.

WOMAN ( Women’s Mentoring Agent Network)

The WOMAN program is one of the industry’s premiere mentoring networks of women insurance and financial professionals. Once you join the WOMAN program you’ll gain valuable insights and ideas from top women in the field. Through ongoing training opportunities, dedicated service, and specialized support you will be able to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market.


“BIMS provides for our independent financial professional clients the tools necessary to make success in their practice possible in a consistent and sustainable manner.”

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Brokers International Mountain States was born in 2002 as a result of John Davis’s 20 years of experience building and managing sales forces in the banking channel and providing services to Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) and top advisors in the independent channel. BIMS started from humble beginnings but has thrived since inception.

Having worked with many FMOs throughout the United States, John was confident that BIMS could offer advisors a trusting, mutually beneficial relationship-based boutique FMO experience. He cultivated his relationship with Brokers international Ltd. to offer all the resources of a national insurance marketing leader, while at the same time offering the relationship-driven experience of a boutique FMO and the mission became:

Make success possible for our independent advisor clientele by giving them the tools, resources and systems they need to grow their practice on a consistent and sustainable basis.

Began operations in a metal building in South West Boise behind John’s sister’s house (we call it the business incubator – her husband started his successful technology business there as well a few years earlier). John Davis, Michelle Davis and Monique Horner were the original three employees… we shared the space with a menagerie of farm animals including peacocks, chickens and a donkey. Our mascots!
Entered the CPA partnering channel conducting our first educational Continuing Professional Education sessions for CPA around the country. Outgrew the “business incubator” (or maybe we just got tired of the donkey kicking the outside of the building) and moved to leased space in Meridian, a Boise suburb. Our staff had grown from three to five and we turned profitable (well not very but we were having fun).
Our business continued to grow and prosper thanks to our great clients… together with a partner we purchased the building we leased and along with it the practice of a retiring independent producer / FMO to continue our growth.
Entered the federal market on the recommendation of one of our wise and experienced clients. Beta tested our activities with a few key clients (all of whom are still serving federal employees with our support today) and found we really enjoyed serving this underserved and appreciative demographic group.
Outgrew the building we bought – sold it to an investor – and moved to substantially larger and modern brand new office space in the Bank of the Cascades building in downtown Meridian. Our business continued to grow and our federal market effort became an increasingly important part of our value proposition for our independent advisor clientele. Made the decision to “insource” our federal market effort – formed Federal Benefits Educators in late 2008, our proprietary educational delivery company for federal employees and agencies.
Launched Federal Benefits Educators adding an office location in Castle Rock and five new employees to support delivery of pre-retirement benefits training education to federal employees and agencies with the support of independent private sector financial professionals. Charlene Roberts and a crack administrative team joined FBE and we launched our proprietary federal market effort in early 2009.
Outgrew the facility in Castle Rock – added a full time “Support Service Director” and expanded our field training staff to support our growing network of independent financial professional, the “FBE Advisor Network”. Moved to new expanded office space in the First Colorado Bank building in downtown Parker, Colorado. Expanded our administrative staff at FBE and BIMS to support our service to clientele. Also outgrew the office space in Meridian and moved to new and expended office space in downtown Boise that could better accommodate our growing home office support staff.
Implemented Social Security Blueprint, a robust proprietary Social Security planning and outreach program. In addition to our ongoing capabilities in the CPA and Federal markets BIMS increases its value added services to independent advisors nationwide.
We have been blessed with continued growth in our associates and our practice and in our service to federal employees. Conducted over 150 pre-retirement financial literacy and benefits education workshops around the country in 2013 together with the members of the FBE Advisor Network. As a result we expanded the Boise home office operation and added to field training staff in 2013 to better support our client base.
With over 17 associates at BIMS/FBE our growth, expertise and dedication to supporting independent financial services professionals as they grow their practices continues. In 2014 we will launch a robust “direct” outreach effort in the federal markets to supplement and enhance our workshop based educational outreach. The FBE team in Parker continues to grow and in early 2014 moved to expanded office space and increased administrative support staff.


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