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Retirement Purse Strings Dinner Seminar

Key Demographic – Females 50-65 yrs of age, $75K + annual income

More than ever, women control their household's purse strings, regardless of marital status. However, a recent study found that many women lack long-term financial preparedness and do not feel confident in their ability to reach their long-term retirement goals. This seminar program addresses the unique financial challenges women face and provides relevant information to help them become more financially confident.

The program provides a cost-effective turnkey seminar invitation mailer and all supporting material required to conduct an effective and motivating educational dinner workshop event. Both male and female financial professionals have found success with the Retirement Purse Strings seminar event. The call to action for event attendees is a complimentary retirement planning consultation and lifetime income analysis utilizing Retirement Analyzer software provided without cost to qualifying advisors.

A typical major market response rate is .50-.75% to a full color mailed envelope style invitation with dinner at a moderate to high end casual dining restaurant. 50% or greater consultation request rate is typical among attendees. The program provides full turnkey invitations, attendee engagement materials and optional post workshop appointment setting, confirmation and reminder service (additional fee).

Program Requirements:

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