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Social Security Educational Workshop Program

Key Demographic – 60-70 yrs of age, $75K + annual income

We regularly hear that every day 10,000 individuals will turn 65. Further this will continue at that pace through 2030. Regardless of how accurate those numbers may be, the reality is that this retiring Baby Boomer "Age Wave" presents a tremendous opportunity for service for financial advisors.

Most of these individuals will file for Social Security Retirement Income Benefits and a sizable portion are largely unaware of strategies available that can increase the amount they are able to collect in benefits over they and their spouse's lives. Social Security is complex and this critical decision can make a huge difference in an individual or couple's retirement income planning strategy. These benefits make up one of the most important parts of any retirement portfolio and making an uninformed decision can results in the possible loss of thousands of dollars in lost benefits.

With BIMS's turnkey Social Security educational workshop program you can provide a valuable community service and introduce a generation of potential clients in your area to the services you provide. Think the Social Security opportunity is over… that changes in claiming regulations or simple market saturation mean this concepts time has come and gone. Not true… many advisors are continuing to educate packed houses and in early 2017 we have seen an increase in average attendance per workshop event. Let us evaluate the opportunity in your area and show you how our "turnkey" program built with the consultation of a $12 million a year producer can make a difference in your practice in the coming year.

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